Graeme Jardin Psychotherapy and Counselling in Hackney

Psychotherapist in Dalston, Hackney - Graeme Jardin.

Hackney based psychotherapist offering counselling and psychotherapy
in the Dalston area of Hackney, North East London.

Weekly sessions cost £50. An initial consultation costs £20.

Where: HQ Therapy Rooms, Dalston, London, E8 2PB
(very close to Dalston Kingsland Station)

Call or text 07909107447 or email

Psychotherapy in North East London

What I offer...

I provide an open and receptive environment for whatever you might bring to the therapy session, and give you space to talk freely and feel heard. A relationship based on understanding and trust built in this way, allows for an exploration of issues or patterns of behaviour which may be difficult to deal with alone.

We can also use sessions to slow down and tune in to the energy and emotions behind your behaviour. This exploration may lead to a new understanding of yourself, and it may be soothing just to be in contact with a sense of stillness and receptivity for a while.

This simple process of paying attention to our present experience is commonly known as ‘mindfulness’. Mindfulness has become established as a helpful approach in many situations. When we feel tangled up and buffeted around by our issues, it can help create space to better understand our situation, and make positive changes.

In a psychotherapy session you can benefit from mindfulness work, as well as talk freely to a skilled listener. In this way you may be able to let go of old, unhelpful patterns and move to a lighter and more open experience of life.

The nature of this journey and the time it takes will be different for everyone. We determine the pace and depth of work that feels right for you.

I believe that the relationship between the therapist and the person they support is crucial to successful therapy. With this in mind, the initial consultation would be an opportunity for you to decide whether you would like to work through your issues with me, and for me to get to know you a little.

Please feel free to give me a call or email me. I would be happy to discuss your needs and answer any questions that you may have, with no cost or commitment to proceed further.

What to expect…

Of course, this is different for everyone, this is a general outline.

Most clients seem to settle into the psychotherapy environment and build up confidence and trust that they can speak freely over the first few sessions, knowing that what they say will be received with respect and consideration.

In the first six sessions or so, it is possible to look in some detail at your life situation, and this process will enable some clients to see things in a new way and perhaps make some practical decisions or changes.

What is possible over a number of months is the process of recognising and letting go of unhelpful patterns and habits. These changes may happen in the session, or in the week between sessions. Over time there seems to build the confidence that things can be done differently. Whether it is about the way you see yourself, or the way you respond to others. You may find some new freedom to make healthier choices and feel lighter and happier.

More information...

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Psychotherapist Venue in West Hackney

Counselling/psychotherapy sessions take place at HQ Therapy Rooms in North East London on Kingsland High St, very close to Dalston Kingsland Station and a short walk to Dalston Junction Station. The rooms are quiet, comfortable and perfect for counselling.

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